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mini pond | ASMR

sebuah kolam mini,
terdapat beberapa ekor ikan di dalam kolam itu

A mini-pond is a small portable decorative pond basin. Mini-ponds are suitable for the smallest gardens, terraces and balconies. If you dispose of somewhat more space, put several mini-ponds side by side. In different colours, for example. This creates an pleasant atmosphere. Otherwise, spread them over various places in your garden and on your terrace or even indoors. In this way such a mini-pond will integrate your garden and living room.
A small water garden is calming, beautiful to see and also safe for children. Mini-ponds, plant dishes or small ponds of, for example, 1 m x 1m, for indoors or in your garden, are available nowadays ready-to-use. Without large investment in money, time and trouble you can make quite simply a beautiful mini-pond basin yourself.

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